To be able to proceed with this instruction, you should
- be logged in on
- have content that has a MindMap embedded into the page

How To Download MindMap

1. On the page with the Mindmap content; scroll down to get to the MindMap image.

2. On the MindMap image, on the lower, left-hand side click the box with an arrow, right beside the thumbs-up icon.

3. A small pop-up box will come up; click "Maximize"

4. The MindMap will open in a new window.

5. At the bottom of the screen; click on the box with an arrow.

6. A small pop-up box will come up; click "Export"

7. Choose the option "MindMap Formats"

8. Choose "MindMeister" (Export as MindMeister file (.mind)

9. Click "Export"; the MindMap will be downloaded and saved to your Downloads folder.

How To Import Mindmap On Your MindMeister Account

1. Follow the "How To Download MindMap" instructions

2. Login to your MindMeister account

3. On the main page; click on "Import" from the choices at the top.

4. A new window will come up; Click on "Choose File".

5. After window will come up, and you just need to go to the folder where you exported the MindMap you wanted to import.

Note: Default folder is in the "Downloads" folder

6. Select the MindMap file; click "Open".

5. You will then see the file you have selected; click "Import".

6. Wait for the import process to finish; it will automatically close

7. You MindMap file is already imported!

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