Have an email For Your Google Alerts To Go To:

Set up Google alerts using your keywords, city and state for the keywords + real estate. Do the same setup without using real estate - so just the local keywords. EX - Atlanta Georgia real estate & Atlanta Georgia

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Step 1. Make sure you have a Google account. Don’t have one? You can do it here.

Step 2. Go to the Google Alerts page http://www.google.com/alerts. The page is super simple.

Step 3. Add the term you want to be notified of in the “Search query” box. For exact matches use quotes around your term. For example “Atlanta Georgia real estate” versus Atlanta Georgia real estate. These will yield different results just as they would using them as search terms in a search engine.

Step 4. Drop down the “Result type” which has a range of things you can choose. On the right-hand side, you will see a preview of the results. I always choose “Everything” but you could set up separate alerts for just news, just blogs, etc. It depends on how detailed you want to get.

Step 5. Choose how often you’d like to receive the alerts. Depending on the pace of your business you can choose as it happens, once a day or once a week. 

Step 6. Finally, set which e-mail address you would like the alert to be sent to. Then click “Create Alert”

Next to the “Create Alert” button, there is a “Manage your alerts” button as well. Here is where you can see everything you have set up. You can edit it with ease by clicking on “Edit” on the far right.