Here are the steps: 

Downloading from ISN:

1) Go to ISN.

2) On the upper left click the "Clients/Agents." A pop-out will appear so if you're trying to download the clients, click the clients in the pop-out.

3) Click the "Download" button.

4) Set the date range that you want the list to cover and download.

5) Edit your Client List and your Agent List to include only First Name and Email Address.

Importing to GetResponse:

1) Login to Get Response.

2) Click "Contacts > Import Contacts."

3) Choose a file: Go to downloads and choose the .csv file that you just downloaded from the ISN

4) Import the first name and email address ONLY. 

5) Check the small box and click "Import."

6) Select a Campaign carefully. There could be several campaigns on the list. We use the campaigns, Client and Agent

7) Then click Import again to confirm.

Note: Make sure to check the statistics by reloading the page and see if the import has completed.

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